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ManpowerGroup (formerly known as Manpower Inc.) is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded in 1948 by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld, ManpowerGroup is the third-largest staffing firm in the world behind Swiss firm Adecco and Dutch firm Randstad. The company provides administrative & support services, professional services, and business services through its four primary brands: Manpower (contingent staffing & permanent recruitment), Experis (professional resourcing and project-based solutions), Right Management (career management, workforce consulting, and training & development), and ManpowerGroup Solutions (managed services and outsourcing).

A former employee comments, "I think manpower is one of the worst temp agencies to work for. They will not help in job placement, will not call back eligible workers, they refuse to give any kind of aide as far as job security."


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Former Employee - Recruiter says

"They expect a lot but don't pay much and just keep adding on your plate. Treat you just like your a number in their books. They do not care about their internal employees."

Current Employee - Associate says

"I don't have any cons about manpower."

Current Employee - Analyst EComm Review says

"Having to work 1800 for Holiday and Vac days"

Current Employee - Assembly Line Worker says

"I have no other recommendations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management can be nice, but they don't treat you as anything more than names on a sheet. No paid time off, and management expects perfection while barely performing competently themselves. Hours are too long, as you're there for 13 hours a day while they pay you peanuts for only 12 hours of that. Higher ups have no concept of personal lives for their employees, and they have to be insane to think anyone would try to make a career out of this."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Horrible management and awful work atmospheric"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Upper management treats you like a number."

Current Employee - Branch Manager says

"You're a number. You're spoon-fed what to do from corporate, and when it doesn't go well, you're blamed for it. Upper management is never satisfied."

Current Employee - Transaction Processor says

"Just being patient waiting for next assignment. When assignments are short."

Former Employee - Tax Room Associate says

"disrespectful environment crude language low pay rate"

Temp PA/Admin (Former Employee) says

"Working as a temporary agent with the client New Day was most unpleasant experience. Management were cliquey, challenging. The workplace culture I realised was not a good fit for me. Learning systems required ample time, which was not given. The staff restaurant was the most enjoyable part of this job, that and leaving at the end of the day.Staff restaurantManagement"

Line Leader (Former Employee) says

"They don’t help you at all when they say they do. You basically on your own and no manager will defend you or give you a chance to explain. My experience with this company was not good. Bad service from office personnel"

Assistante de Direction (Former Employee) says

"A éviter agence de lyon pas serieuse ni professionnelleAucunPas fiable"

Asesor comercial (Former Employee) says

"En lo personal trabajé con Manpower en Naturgy mi jefe era la peor, y ya hasta el mismo Naturgy sabía la mala fama que ella tenía como jefe, ya que muchas personas habían pasado por hay y a la mayoría despido con razones poco logiscas ya que exigía lo que ella no hacía NingunoTodo lo descrito"

Prezydent (Former Employee) says

"Nie ma co składać CV. Stracisz tylko czas, nadzieję na pracę i pieniądze na dojazd do ich biura. Ile razy starałem się o jakąś pracę u nich, jeździłem na rozmowy kwalifikacyjne, wszystko pięknie, dobrze, a potem zero odzewu. Czeka człowiek sobie na telefon z wiedzą, że dobrze wypadł, że spełnia kryteria i nic. W dodatku nie tyczy się to tylko stanowisk o wygórowanych warunkach co do kandydatów. Nawet przy próbie podjęcia pracy, w której przyjmują byle ukraińca jest to samo. Trzy razy próbowałem u nich i trzy razy to samo. Beznadziejna agencja, omijać z daleka!Dużo ofert pracyI tak do żadnej cię nie wezmą"

Customer Service Adviser (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely clueless the thickest people as staff members , apparently no qualifications were required to be a manager just who’s bottom you could kiss the mostNoneEverything"

Packaging Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In my entire career of over 20 years, Manpower is the worst company. They are so incompetent and have no clue about the assigned job. My manager was late to every meeting. There was no discussions because she was clueless about the position. There is no advancement, no career path, no benefits, no communication, and no vacation. Just a horrible experience. I was so glad to quit. Unless, you always want to be frusterated by complete chaos, then stay away from Manpower.NoneEverything"

Inscrito (Former Employee) says

"Nefasto, me he inscrito a la oferta de trabajo y esperando su llamada le han dado mi número de teléfono a otra persona haciéndose pasar por un juzgado de instrucción."

Analista Administrativo Pleno (Former Employee) says

"Empresa estressante, sem qualquer tipo de avaliação para promoções e liderada por pessoas que não pensam nos outrosNenhumVario"

Aucune expérience (Former Employee) says

"Aucune réponse pour des postes postulés, à compétence et expérience égale. Poste précaire proposer aucun rapport avec mon profil. Revoir l éthique du process de recrutement.AucunSélectif et discriminatoire"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"This company is very disorganized. They don't follow up with applicants; they don't hire customer oriented recruiters, and as a result you have rude recruiters that treat applicants with terrible, entitled attitudes. Therefore, you have recruiter that act like they are doing the applicant a favor and applicants refuse work all the time due to the recruiter bad behaviors. Instead, of regularly following up with candidates; instead recruiters call when it is convenient for them and you have recruiters calling people months after an interview and expecting candidates to drop everything to go with their contract positions and when th applicants refuse than, the recruiter get nasty and start yelling at the candidate after, the snake man tactics don't work to convince the candidate to go with them. I don't like that they do a bait and switch with their pay rates and will list high hourly rates and when you call in than, suddenly the hourly rate is incorrect and they try to low ball your expected hourly rate. Honestly the whole procedure to get people to go with them was an uncomfortable and unprofessional experience, that I will actively encourage people to not work with them since, it's not worth the hassle and stress to your life.NoneUnprofessional staff, bait and switch tactics with hourly rate. Lack of communication. low ball hourly wage."

miss noitall (Former Employee) says

"needed some money so i went to knowladge of the company i was going too...poor info to get there.unlucky personal dont know what they were doingyepnope"

Parcel Sorter (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company! DWP needs to get a grip with agencies, there nothing but leaches. NO communication! NO Jobs Get you on there books, then gain commission, no doubt they will sell your information on Please keep clear!!NoneManpower"

Temp Worker (Former Employee) says

"The work place I was placed in was at minimal, what I was looking for in a job. Manpower was only looking to fulfill a position they were having trouble filling. Was told was warehouse related but was barely so. Was more physical that I cared for, the people were only friendly for the first few days, then they would get harsh.nonebreaks were not given at proper times if at all, always seen OSHA violations within the plant"

Staffing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As a recruiter I was paid much less than people I was hiring and I was kept contract so they didn’t have to pay commission or holiday. Worst job I’ve ever had. NoneLow pay, awful management"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Yo demandé a su empresa ihop por qué tienen gente acosadora ahí ,sufres acoso sexual y ellos no hacen nada aparte no pagan bien ya que se basan en un biométrico que si no checas correctamente así hallas trabajo te descuentan incluso una quincena completa sin reembolsoPodría ser una mejor empresa si prestaran atención a su personalNo pagan correctamente no corren a gente con antecedentes de acoso sexual"

Mobile Patrol security officer (Former Employee) says

"Very bad management, not trustable. They keep hanging you around. Not committed people's. Dodgy. There is not a proper management. I worked more than one year didn't get my contract letter even asked them at three different occasions. This company is a good place to work for dodgy and corrupt peoples."

Packer/Assembly Line (Former Employee) says

"Manpower placed me in an environment that was overrun with rampant drug use by the staff and manager alike. This is not my opinion. It is fact. I witnessed other staff smoking crack cocaine. I reported this to my manpower agent who basically laughed it off. I did not complete my assignment and would not ever recommend Manpower to anyone. I tell everyone how unprofessional the agency actual is.None at allEverything was bad. I was told " our company uses and abuses Manpower people all the time""

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"Temp job from He--. Coworkers worst I ever had. management non existent. No support. Lack of communication. Placed into positions that do not match skills.A paycheckTemp jobs from He--"

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working as a temp at for manpower is not suggested as they are very poor at letting temps know what is available. They are very inattentive with keeping up with temps.NonePoor pay, agents not willing to be proactive"

Kid says

"Used and abused for 15 months "

Abhi123 says

"I had colleagues at PostNL who always complained about Manpower's planning and work processes, but when I reached a different work environment and had to deal with them directly, I realized what mess Manpower was making in people's lives. Due to their bad communication and work ethics, I ended up losing income, time and dealt with emotional stress which could have been avoided if they cared about their resources."

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